Rental Policy
To sign up for a Game Access account, you must be 18 years or older and have a valid Canadian credit card. Game Access reserves the right to reject submissions deemed to be in violation of this rental policy, or any incomplete or illegal submissions. Game Access reserves the right to change this rental policy at any time, without notice.
Your credit card will be charged monthly on the day of your first billing date. For example, if you sign up on January 1st for a 10-day trial, you will be billed on January 11th for your first month of service unless you cancel. The following month, you will be billed on February 11, and so on. Memberships renew automatically on a monthly basis until cancelled. You may also choose to be billed quarterly or biannually to save on your membership costs. More details are available in the My Account section.
The trial is available to new customers only, limited to one per household, and cannot be combined with any other offer. This limited introductory free trial offer is only valid in the provinces or territories of Canada. A valid credit card is required to verify your home address. On the first day following the end of your free trial period, Game Access will begin billing your credit card for a monthly subscription fee of $18.95, plus any applicable sales tax. If you choose a different plan before the end of your trial, the subscription fee will vary. YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION 72 HOURS PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR FREE TRIAL PERIOD TO AVOID HAVING YOUR CREDIT CARD CHARGED. PLEASE CONTACT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY PHONE ON A BUSINESS DAY SO YOUR REQUEST CAN BE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY. Once you have cancelled, you are allowed a 10 day grace period to return all the games. For full details see Cancelling Your Membership below.
Should there be any issues regarding your regular monthly billing due to problems with your payment method (declined charge, invalid card number, etc), we will temporarily suspend all game shipments until all outstanding payments have been paid. If there are multiple months of payments outstanding, game shipments will not continue until all months have been paid for. Game Access reserves the right to charge your card for any or all past due months of service. If you have entered multiple cards into the Game Access system, we reserve the right to try any or all of these cards to collect on your past due months of service or for any inventory costs you have incurred. Game Access reserves the right to charge a recovery fee to any member with multiple delinquent billings.

If your first membership fee is declined on the credit card provided upon signing up, Game Access reserves itself the right to capture the 50$ preauthorisation held on your credit card as a security measure. As soon as you can provide us with a valid credit card on which the standard monthly fees will be settled, we will fully refund this 50$ security charge.

Please note that we cannot cancel a Game Access membership if any amounts are past due. If you have unpaid months of service, we must receive the full payment before we can process a cancellation. Monthly charges continue to accumulate as long as your account is unpaid, even following a cancellation request. If you currently have a past due sums in your account, please make the necessary payments via the "My Account" page of the members section or contact us at your earliest convenience at our toll free number: 1-888-880-0443.
You can always change your membership's package in your account or contact our customer service. There will be a small charge to upgrade, which is the difference between your old package and the new one, prorated according to the number of days you have left until your next billing date. When you downgrade your membership, any game you send back will be held until you reach your new maximum of games in your possession. We must receive all extra games in your possession at least one(1) work day before the next billing date. Failure to do so will void the downgrade and result in the billing of the previous membership fee. In this case, we will send you more games from your queue if necessary.
You can cancel your Game Access rental membership at any time by contacting customer support via Live Chat or Email weekdays between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm EST. YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION 72 HOURS PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO AVOID HAVING YOUR CREDIT CARD CHARGED. PLEASE CONTACT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY LIVE CHAT OR EMAIL ON A BUSINESS DAY SO YOUR REQUEST CAN BE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY. A cancellation confirmation will be sent to you and your account will be cancelled immediately. We request that you return all of your outstanding rentals within 10 days of cancellation. If we have not received your outstanding rentals after this grace period, you will be charged for all additional months of service and /or the full retail price of all unreturned games. Though it is not required, we highly suggest you return these games using a traceable shipping method. Canada Post offers Xpresspost, an inexpensive option which will provide insurance and a tracking code. If you cannot provide proof that you sent your package via a traceable shipping method, you will be fully liable for the cost of these games. ONLY ACCOUNTS IN GOOD STANDING CAN BE CLOSED. IF ANY PAYMENTS ARE PAST DUE, THEY MUST RECEIVED BY GAMEACCESS BEFORE AN ACCOUNT CAN BE CANCELLED.
Game Access will not issue refunds or credits for any unused portion of the rental service. If you feel that we have billed you in error, please contact our customer service department.
Our service has been determined by the government to be a taxable service in all provinces and territories. Therefore, Game Access will add the applicable sales tax to your monthly billing amount based on the province or territory that the shipping address is in.
Once Game Access ships a game from your account, it is your full responsibility to return it to us. If the game cannot be returned to us, or not received back for any reason, Game Access reserves itself the right to charge the replacement cost of the game to your credit card. Although extremely rare, all instances of unreturned games are dealt with case by case and investigated to prevent fraud. If you ever receive a damaged game, please contact us for instructions.