Reasons You Should Keep Your PS4

There are numerous obvious reasons why you might be tempted to sell your PS4; from the fact that the PS5 is already here and you want to play with this ninth-generation console to some urgent bills that are knocking and you think selling your PS4 is a good solution.

However, whatever your reasons for wanting to sell your PS4, you might want to reconsider. PS4 is still an awesome console with a lot to offer. Here are some of the reasons why you should keep your PS4.

1. PS4 has games that you can’t find on any other console

You might have downloaded some games on your PS4 console that you can’t play anywhere else. Here, we are not talking about PS Exclusive but some of the games that Sony have pulled from their PS store or games that are not backward compatible with the PS5 console.

While you may not want to play these games right now, if there is a chance that you will miss these games in the future, why not just keep your PS4.

2. Your PS4 brings you charm and nolstagia

After gaming on your PS4 thorought the previous console generation, it has been your companion for years. Are you really ready to let go of all those years of gaming memories? If not, you should not sell your PS4.

3. You don’t have PS5 or you don’t want PS5

If you cannot get PS5 at the moment or are not really keen on buying it, you should keep PS4 as your gaming companion. It has an impressive catalogue and you can keep playing the modern games available on PS4.

4. You can access PS5 through remote play on PS4.

What’s more, you can access games on PS5 using remote play on your PS4. Remote play is a cool tool that allows you to play PS5 games on PS4 and vice versa.

PS4 is an incredible console that is arguably the winner of Sony’s console generation. Some years from now, you will be glad that you kept your PS4.