Gaming Kiosks

Canadian Game Rentals offers gaming kiosks to clients who want to hire our gaming systems to facilitate entertainment in different places. This is a great solution for small campuses, malls and festivals. Our gaming kiosks are affordable and require little supervision. We have a one day, one week and weekend package to suit the needs of every kind of client.

Our gaming kiosks are the real deal because they feature everything that you need for your entertainment. When you hire our gaming kiosk, it comes with;

  • Consoles
  • Wired controllers
  • Monitors
  • A library of online games
  • A road case with wheels
  • A secured unit with hidden wires

Our rental gaming kiosks are not a preserve of people with deep pockets. We charge affordable prices to ensure that people of all walks of life can afford this form of entertainment without blowing their budget. Whatever your gaming needs are, our gaming kiosks will come in handy.