Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 has seen more and more people jump into the esports bandwagon. Many people are trying esports for the first time and they obviously have many questions. To make your esports gaming experience incredible, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

What kind of esport services do you offer?

Canadian Game Rentals provides friendly gaming events for businesses, schools, festivals and sports clubs. In addition to this, we offer virtual services to our online clients.

Does Game Access host gaming tournament?

Yes. And we even host our events online.

Which esport services do you offer corporate clients?

We host different events, from trivial pursuit to car racing, for our corporate clients. We also offer numerous TV game shows that you can host for your employees on zoom.

How much do you charge for your event setup?

The requirements of each event are different. So, our charges differ from event to event.

How does your online tournament operate?

We use our sophisticated equipment including a HD broadcaster system and consoles that enables us to join into our participant’s game and then stream the games on our live stream.