About Us

Here are Canadian Game Rentals; we have the perfect combination of hardware and software equipment for hosting online tournaments. We provide multiple games as well as content to the viewers on our live stream channels using our unique combination of monitors, consoles and broadcast viewer.

Canadian Game Rentals owns many consoles including Xbox, Nintendo switches and PS4s, which allows us to connect with our participants and broadcast their games on our live streaming networks. Each of our consoles has a library of new games for LAN and online tournaments. There is almost something new for you to try. And since our setup consists of top-of-the line equipment, we deliver high end gaming quality for all our tournaments.

Our advanced software system is fully compatible with our hardware features and they connect to provide a full broadcasting production. Some of the features that make our production extemporary include live tickers, adding logos, and lower thirds. We also offer advanced features like capturing the mobile face cam of our participants and connecting them to our live stream. Better yet, our participants don’t need an external webcam for this.

We also have lively commentators who commentate live games to our viewers using the professional equipment we offer in our gaming studio.