Blooket and Other Top-rated Quiz Apps in 2023

Whether you are an expert in history or sports, quiz and trivia apps like Blooket are the new trend to revise your knowledge in a fun way. There are a number of these apps online. We have listed free and premium apps that can make you a pro in any quiz game. If you want to learn more about how to play Blooket, you will find everything you need to know in this review.

This guide has listed some of the top-rated apps you can use.


Just like Blooket, Quiz Up is another popular review game used in schools. It is argued to be the world’s biggest trivial quiz game. The app allows users to take control of their games. Users are requested to pick up to three categories or more that they like most. The customization of Quiz Up is what makes it popular and widely used around the world. It offers you more categories than you can ever complete. The more games you play, the easier you learn and master the art of trivia.

Users can join any quiz game depending on their knowledge of such games. However, they have the opportunity of creating customized quizzes. The app is available on Android and iPhones.

Quiz Panic General Knowledge

Have you played many predictable quiz games? Quiz Panic General Knowledge offers you an opportunity to play something different. At the beginning of the game, you find a squishy creature that inspires you to get to level 100. You can only achieve the feat if you complete the missions.

Unlike Blooket, where users can choose from 12 different game modes, Quiz Panic General Knowledge has only three modes: Chaos, Panic, and Game with Friends. Users must play fast with their squishy creator to answer the quiz. You earn more points when you play fast and complete missions.

It comes with a creative game and fun twists. The app works on both Android and iPhone.

Trivia Crack

One major competitor to Blooket is Trivia Crack. This app helps you play with different players or with friends. The aim is to complete trivia questions in Sports, Art, Entertainment, Science, History, and Geography. The more answers you get, the more beautiful cartoon characters you earn. These characters represent different levels or categories. However, opponents can steal from players when they trigger a duel in the game. You can play the game on iPhone and Android.

94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic

If you want to keep yourself busy with a trivial game with multi-functionality, you can use this game. 94%-Quiz, Trivia & Logic requires that you answer 94% of every topic given to you. Users see photos, and they answer based on the photo. It comes with numerous cheats you can use for answers. However, it would help if you had coins to use the cheats. Users can either buy or earn these coins when they play the game. The game has up to 415 levels!

Popcorn Trivia

Are you a movie freak? Popcorn Trivia offers you a popcorn bonus whenever you complete three acts of any trivial on the movie picked. The app quizzes you on the movie and other interesting features or factors of the movie. The more you play, the more knowledgeable you become about that movie.