Corporate Events

We are living in precarious times when corona virus is ravaging the world and this has taken a hit on corporate events. Fortunately, Canadian Game Rentals has a solution to ensure smooth running of corporate events without fear of becoming a weak link for this deadly virus.

We offer corporate events with a keen eye on social distancing measures in accordance to COVID-19 protocals. We offer numerous online events including;

  • Family feud
  • Corporate team building
  • Movie trivia games
  • Trivia pursuit
  • Wheel of fortune

We will host you online via zoom. Of you wish, we will also separate your employees into various teams using Zoom Break Out Rooms. Nothing beats teamwork when the right minds are brought together. Game Access will help you achieve this and you will be surprised at the untapped ‘teamwork potential’ of your employees.

Our corporate gaming section offers various games in strict adherence to social distancing rules. The games which range from bowling and boxing to table tennis and volleyball are played from 6 feet apart. We even have something for those who love track and field games.