GShop guarantees the lowest prices in Canada. If you happen to see a lower price advertised online, or at your local store, let us knows! We'll price match it and give you an extra 10% off the retail price of your item.

Requirements for a price match: The following product attributes must be identical to the product listed on Gshop

  • brand
  • sku
  • model number
  • colour
  • size
  • condition

Additionally, the product must me "in stock" on the competitor's website or in-store. A link to the product or to the advertisement which lists the product along with its price must be also provided for verification purposes.

Please be advised that the GShop "price match" policy also considers shipping cost when calculating price match validity.

Note that: All competitor websites and listings on 3rd party sites such as eBay and Amazon must be licensed online Canadian retailers, based in Canada.

Send us an email to letting us know that you've found a lower advertised price in Canada for the item you are interested in buying on GShop, and we will honour the price match guarantee along with an additional 10% off the price of the item.

Be sure to include the following details in your email to us:

  1. Product SKU
  2. link to advertisement from competitor