The Elder Scroll Online: Elsweyr  Boxshot
Game description:

Go head-to-head against an ancient evil and take down fierce dragons in The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr for PlayStation 4. Play online with millions of other players to defend the people of Khajiit from an ancient evil. You'll pick up new allies and weapons along the way and even be able to channel the undead in this epic, year-long adventure.

More Information

Online multi-player RPG lets you join millions of other players in a mission to take down mystical dark forces

Journey to Khajiit, a land ravaged by warfare, and defend its people against an ancient evil

Seek out new allies and weapons to take on the fiercest dragons

Command the undead with the Necromancer character class

Includes the base game, plus the Summerset and Morrowind chapters for a year-long epic adventure

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