Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Boxshot
Game description:

Since childhood you have always wanted to run a farm, but you have had to move around from place to place because of your father's work. You have never been able to lose that dream, and finally decided to talk to your parents about your desire to become a farmer. At first your father is worried because you have no experience with farming, but you are very enthusiastic about it. Your father tells you about your uncle who had become a farmer. If you give it all you've got, then he would approve of your dream. You then set out to your uncle's farm in Westown to follow your passion.

A large point of the game is to increase the popularity and prestige of each of the three towns. You will have a menu option where you can see the current rank of each town; the lowest is Rank E, the highest is Rank S. You raise a town's prestige by shipping items for the town (you can select the town you ship through via your shipping bin), raising friendship with the villagers, and participating in the towns' festivals. As you raise the towns' ranks, you'll unlock new features and events.

You will also be trying to impress your father, Darius. He will assign you tasks/chores to do on your farm. Complete his tasks and you'll better earn his respect for your dream. Your mom, Marina, and little sister, Linne, will visit your farm from time to time.

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