Tips for Backing up Your PS4 Saved Data

Your PS4 console definitely has hours and hours of saved data. You should back up your PS4 as often as possible if you want to keep it safe. The good news is that you can back up your PS4 saved data in a matter of seconds. If you are wondering how you can do this, keep reading and you will soon find out in the sections below.

There are two ways to back up your saved data on PS4; upload it to cloud storage or copy it to a USB.

Copying your PS4 saved data to a USB

For the process of copying your saved data to a USB, you should first format it or else it won’r work.

Go to Settings and then click on Application Saved Data Management. Then select Saved Data in System Storage and finally click on Copy to USB Storage Device. You simply pick a game, or all of your saved data, and then select copy to USB when you are done.

You can also copy multiple saved data at ince by choosing the select multiple applications option, select the games you want to copy and then click on copy.

Use cloud storage to back up your saved PS4 data

Another method to save data on your PS4 is by using the cloud storage. You need to be a member of PS plus in order to use this option.

For this method, you will use the steps of the first method with the exemption of copying to USB storage device. Instead, you should click on Upload to Online Storage. You can upload your saved data to cloud storage right from your PS4 home screen.

You can also use the auto-upload feature which lets you choose the saved games that you want to upload automatically once you log out of your PSN.