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Having fun at work is more that simply providing a game room for your Employees. It’s truly about promoting your corporate culture and offering your staff an engaging work activity while they’re not actually working.

Employers want their employees to have fun, which raises commitment and creativity levels, but bosses also feel that their companies get a lot more out of having game “dens”.

Forbes lists "Game Rooms" as the most popular office perk of 2014!

Bring people together who might not normally interact on a day-to-day basis & foster greater communication among departments.

What appeals to twenty-something techies? Games! Not surprisingly, a lot of companies now have game rooms for their employees to enjoy! In addition to all of the traditional corporate benefits, Employers are becoming more innovative in the ways in which their Companies are trying to attract and retain young talent.

Video games are games that people play in pairs, teams, or groups. Spending time together, both while working and ‘off the clock,’ are key to (creating) a Company’s culture – especially one that depends largely on collaborative efforts. Game Access makes it easy!

It’s a great recruiting tool for the company!

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