We so believe you'll love Game Access - We're convinced that once you try the service you'll be hooked! That's why we're offering a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL! Your free 30-day trial is provided to you as a courtesy so that you may accurately judge the value of our service. No contract is signed and you are not obliged to continue the service beyond your Free Trial period if you choose so.

Here's what you can expect...
  • The day after your Free Trial ends you'll be automatically upgraded to a "Platinum Casual"(1 game out) memberhsip plan at a rate of $17.95 per month until canceled. Cancel any time before your Free Trial ends and you'll be charged absolutely nothing!
  • "Fast Return" and "Reserve" features are not available to Trial Members.
  • A pre-authorization of $5 is placed on your Credit Card when you sign up for the first time. The pre-authorization is in no way a payment for services and is never actually in our possession. We reserve the right however to withdraw the $5 pre-authorization in the event of an unreturned game after your cancellation. The $5 pre-authorization is automatically released back to you by your financial institution once the game is returned to our offices.
  • 30-Day Free Trial Membership can only be canceled twenty(20) days after your initial membership registration date at the earliest. Cancellations are always conducted over the phone call to ensure the security of your membership account.

Note: Please note that Game Access does not presently offer downloadable PC game titles.

We no longer accept new application. Thank you for your consideration in our product.
Get more games for less money. Your Game Access Membership gives you access to our collection of over 4,000 game titles for all major consoles and handheld devices. Game Access offers an unmatched video game selection for the most popular game consoles, including all the current portable consoles. We even carry Japanese PS3 imports for hardcore fans!
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