Game Access Free Trial Offers
We so believe you'll love Game Access - We're convinced that once you try the service you'll be hooked! That's why we offer our new members "Free Trials"!

Your Free Trial is provided to you as a courtesy so that you may accurately judge the value of our service. No contract is signed and you are not obliged to continue the service beyond your Free Trial period if you so choose.

The Fine Print...
  • GAME ACCESS currently provides users with access to its video game catalog and the ability to rent video games (henceforth also referred to as "the Service"), buy videogame related items and join its community as a member. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features that modify or enhance the current Service offering, including the release of new GAME ACCESS properties, shall be subject to the these Terms. You understand and agree that the Service is provided "AS-IS" and that GAME ACCESS assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, mis-delivery or failure to store any user communications, or personalization settings.
  • To sign up for a Game Access Platinum account, you must be 18 years or older and have a valid Canadian credit card. Game Access reserves the right to reject submissions deemed to be in violation of this policy, or any incomplete or illegal submissions. Game Access also reserves its right to change this policy at any time without prior notice.
  • A pre-authorization fee is placed on your Credit Card when you sign up for your Free Trial. The credit card used to register for your Free Trial will be subject to a $50 pre-authorization hold valid for a minimum of 10 days (may be held longer for extended Free Trial Offers). The pre-authorization is in no way a payment for services and is never actually in our possession. We reserve the right however to withdraw the $50 pre-authorization in the event of an unreturned game after your membership cancellation. The $50 pre-authorization is automatically released back to you by your financial institution once the game is returned to our offices. The 50$ pre-authorization is also simply our way of ensuring the validity of a new member account. We couldn't possibly send out games with a retail value of over 70$ per unit (CND) to folks without having some kind of assurance that the game will be returned! Please note that this transaction cannot be cancelled, or refunded by Game Access since our Service does not actually collect this amount as an upfront fee, and the money is never actually in our possession.
  • Free Trials are available to new member accounts only, is limited to one per household, and cannot be combined with any other offer. This introductory Free Trial offer is only valid in the provinces, or territories of Canada. A valid credit card is required to verify your home address. On the first day following the end of your free trial period, Game Access will begin billing your credit card for a monthly subscription fee of $18.95, plus any applicable sales tax. If you choose a different plan before the end of your trial, the subscription fee will vary according to the particular plan you've chosen to upgrade to. YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION 72 HOURS PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR FREE TRIAL PERIOD TO AVOID HAVING YOUR CREDIT CARD CHARGED. PLEASE CONTACT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY PHONE ON A BUSINESS DAY SO YOUR REQUEST CAN BE PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY. Once you have cancelled, you are allowed a 10 day grace period to return all games still in your possession.
  • "Fast Return" and "Reserve" features are not available to Trial Members unless otherwise indicated.
  • 30-Day Free Trials can only be canceled twenty (20) days after your initial membership registration date at the earliest. Cancellations are always conducted over the phone to ensure the security of your account.
  • Once Game Access ships a game from your account, it is your full responsibility to return it to us. If the game cannot be returned to us, or not received back for any reason, Game Access reserves its right to charge the replacement cost of the game to your credit card. Although extremely rare, all instances of unreturned games are dealt with on a "case by case" basis and fully investigated to prevent fraud. If you ever receive a damaged game, please contact us for instructions.