What is Game Access?
What does being a Game Access member mean?
How much does Game Access cost?
I live in USA/Australia/Europe/etc... Can I sign up for Game Access?
Can I change my Game Access rental plan?
Which consoles do you support?
Do you offer PC games to rent or buy?
How long does shipping usually take?
Is there any tracking available?
How long can I keep my rented game?
How do I send back a game?
I lost my return envelope or CD sleeve. What do I do?!
What happens if my game is lost in transit or I misplace my rental?
What do I do if a game I rented isn't working properly or at all?
As a concerned parent, is there a way to limit which games my child is able to rent through Game Access?
Are DLC codes included with rented games?
How can I cancel my subscription?
Following my cancellation, what do I do with the last games I rented?
I didn't use the Game Access rental service last month. Why am I being charged for a service I didn't use?
I signed up for a free trial. What is this $50.00 charge on my card and how do I get it back?
What is the Game Queue and how does it work?
Why wasn't the 1st game in my Game Queue sent to me?
What is the Game Reserve feature?
How does the availability bar work?
What is the Fast Return feature all about?
What does the Keep It button do?
How can I contact Game Access?
Something is broken on Game Access! Where can I report the error?
I have an awesome idea or suggestion that I'd like to share with Game Access! Where can I send you my feedback?
You don't have the game I want on Game Access. Where can I send game requests?