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SIGN UP! Puts Cash Back in Your Pocket!
For its 6 year anniversary, Game Access now offers its new Rent To Buy savings program. Save more money every day whenever you rent a game that is available for sale, new or used.*
How It Works
Every day, the purchase price of each game you rent is lowered by as much as 65¢!* At any time, you may either purchase the game you're renting if it's available for sale or exchange it for a new title.
Our Reward Program Multiplies Your Savings
The Game Access reward program boosts your savings automatically. Stay a member for 90 days and get a 10% bonus right away. Stay longer this bonus can reach 30%!
Here is an Example
  Purchase price for each reward level
  Rookie Pro Veteran Hall of Famer
RENTED $58.72 $58.72 $58.72 $58.72
1 DAY $58.22 $58.17 $58.12 $58.07
2 DAYS $57.72 $57.62 $57.52 $57.42
3 DAYS $57.22 $57.07 $56.92 $56.77
4 DAYS $56.72 $56.52 $56.32 $56.12
5 DAYS $56.22 $55.97 $55.72 $55.47
14 DAYS $51.72 $51.02 $50.32 $49.62
30 DAYS $47.72 $46.62 $45.52 $44.42
LOWEST $5.72 $5.72 $5.72 $5.72
*The daily discounts depend on the price of the game, your reward level and the total number of valid rental days. Every day the game is available for sale, the price will be reduced. If, for any reason, the game is no longer available for sale, the purchase amount will stop decreasing and the "Keep It" option will no longer be available. In the event that the game becomes available for sale once again, the game price will continue to drop from its previous point. Please take note that used games are available in limited quantities and are more likely to be sold out.
Game Access - Reward Program
Reward Program rewards your loyalty. Just by staying a Platinum/Rental member for more than 3 consecutive months, you will receive additional savings on the Rent To Buy program.

Level How to Get There Rent To Buy Discount Multiplier
Rookie Sign up for a Platinum account.  
Pro Member for 90 days. 10%
Veteran Member for 180 days. 20%
Hall of Famer Member for 365 days. 30%
Fast Return
How Fast Return will cut down turnaround times by half!

For this example we will assume a delivery is done in 3 business days. Please note that delivery times usually vary from 1-5 business days depending on your location.



Reserve a Game
Game Access offers you the possibility to Reserve specific games!
How it works
  1. Select the game you wish to reserve in your queue by selecting 'Yes' under the 'Reserved' column;
  2. Once the reservation is made, you can view the position at which you are now below the Game Queue;
  3. Send back a game you have in your possession if you haven't already done so;
  4. When we receive a game from you, the next available copy of the game you reserved is yours!
Important details
  • Game reservations are subject to the game availability and may result in a short waiting period;
  • If you reserve an unreleased game, a rental spot will still be held immediately. We suggest you reserve upcoming games 1-2 weeks maximum before the release date;
  • You may reserve a maximum of one game at a time;
  • You can modify your game reservation at any time.