Ryse: Son Of Rome Boxshot
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Game description:

Fight as a Soldier. Lead as a General. Rise as a Legend.

Ryse: Son of Rome is a stunning action-adventure that follows Marius Titus on a heroic quest to avenge the death of his family, and preserve the honor of Rome, at all costs.

  • Mars' Chosen Pack - The Mars' Chosen Pack includes five new multiplayer maps and two new Gladiator skins.
  • Immerse yourself in ancient Rome - Experience the Roman Empire in breathtaking detail, from the far northern reaches of Britannia, to the Coliseum.
  • Wage brutally realistic war - Roman warfar is brought to life in vivid, visceral detail, thrusting you into the chaos of close-quarters conbat, where you can see the emotion on your opponent's face.
  • Find Gladiatorial glory - Through online multiplater, Ryse plunges you into this brutal world of the gladiator. Enter the Collosseum to fight side-by-side with your friends in dynamic environments, to the roar of ten-thousand spectators.

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