Code Vein Boxshot
Game description:

A mysterious disaster has brought collapse to the world as we know it. Welcome to the hellscape of Code Vein. Team up and embark on a journey to the ends of hell to unlock your past and escape your living nightmare. Apply strategy in your attacks through partnered coordination and Blood Veil enhancements to bring down your enemies.

  • Features a story-driven connected dungeon experience
  • Create your own character and choose your partner as you venture out into a world of destruction, overrun by the Lost
  • The feel of the game will change depending on which partner you choose, as each one has their own combat style and background story
  • Use your combined strength to coordinate your approach, defend each other from surprise attacks, and overpower enemies using your Blood Veil and various weapons
  • Choose from a myriad of weapons such as bayonets, axes, and spears to accommodate your favorite battle style
  • Experience the power of blood as you use unique Blood Veils to drain your enemies to enhance your abilities
  • Using “Gifts” powered by enemy blood, players can increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities, and overpowered attacks

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