Prinny 2: Dawn Of Operation Panties, Dood! Boxshot
Game description:
The loveable Prinny has returned once again with improved graphics, gameplay, controls and volume! Equipped with the same comical humor and hardcore action, the Prinnies must now join forces to defeat the Phantom Thief and retrieve Etna's stolen property before she destroys the Netherworld. Intense side-scrolling action! Asagi Wars: after finishing the main game, another whole new game awaits! Change from a Prinny to Asagi and your weapon changes from a knife to a gun. Time Lapse: depending on the time of day, the stage structure and enemies will change making for a new challenge every time you play! 2x the volume! Double the content of Prinny 1! Battle thru castles, dungeons, forests, deserts, and even underwater! Secrets galore! Unlock hidden characters, enemies, bosses and items!
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