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Gangs of London
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Control and give orders to your team of gangsters to orchestrate the most ruthless takeover of the London Underworld in this gritty criminal game from the minds behind The Getaway. Combining best elements of turn-based strategy and card games, Gang Battle mode provides players with an interactive map on which they must use criminal force to attack and defend patches of London. Gangs of London offers a variety of modes of play including Story Mode, Gang Battle, Free Roaming, London Pub Games and a unique Game Sharing mode. In Story Mode, guide your chosen gang through a narrative that gets into the background story of criminal masterminds fighting for the right to be called London's number one gangster. Gamers can re-play missions from different gang perspectives, allowing for a variety of routes throughout the game.
There are unfortunately no user reviews for this game. GameSpy 7.0/10 Read the full review Yahoo! Video Games 6.0/10 Read the full review GameSpot 5.5/10 Read the full review IGN 4.5/10 Read the full review 1UP 2.0/10 Read the full review
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