Disgaea Infinite Boxshot
Game description:
Disgaea Infinite takes the lovable characters and game world of the legendary Disgaea series and throws them into a fresh new “visual novel” game style, offering a thrilling mystery to solve, clues to hunt, and a suspect to track down. You are given full control over the story, including the ability to travel back and forth in time and choosing how characters will act, making for an exciting new experience in the Disgaea universe! The legendary Disgaea series returns! An all new “visual novel” style means an increased focus on the funny characters and outlandish story that has defined the series and won gamers over around the world. Travel through time, change the future! Time travel back and forth in order to collect clues about the suspect at the heart of the game's story. Things changed in the past can alter the future outcome of the game, allowing for a number of wild possible outcomes. Don't just move characters around… Become them! Possessing and making decisions for characters means that you drive the story, choosing what they say and do, giving you more control over the story and world of Disgaea than ever before.
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