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Nintendo DS
Orcs & Elves
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Category: RPG (Role Playing)
Release Date: 15 November 2007
Publisher: Electronic Arts
ESRB Rating: Teen
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Explore an ancient Dwarven citadel riddled with legendary beasts and untold treasures. Wield flaming swords, deadly crossbows and other mystical weapons. Use your wits to solve devious puzzles and overcome deadly traps. Equip yourself with arcane gear like magic potions, enchanted rings, dragon scale armor and a magical, talking wand. Escape to a place of adventure, mystery and sorcery with Orcs & Elves, the new first-person adventure from id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment, the creators of DOOM RPG! Save anywhere feature allows you to resume the action from where you left off in a world that remembers your actions. Features high graphic fidelity and an original audio score. Replayability with tons of secrets and an end-game ranking based on your performance.
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