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Nintendo DS
Contra 4
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Category: Action / Adventure
Release Date: 15 November 2007
Publisher: Konami
ESRB Rating: Teen
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Set after the events of Contra III: Alien Wars, the game follows mercenaries Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as they battle to save the world from a new extraterrestrial threat. Contra 4 takes advantage of the dual screens of the Nintendo DS to deliver larger than life action, with massive enemies, detailed platform gaming and mind-blowing set pieces. Using a variety of upgradable weapons, take the fight to the alien army of the Black Viper and reclaim Earth for Mankind in single-player or 2 player co-op mode.
*Old school gaming - frustration included*
LeoLion on 12-Sep-2012
This game is very similar to the 1st Contra, as some levels & enemies are nearly identical. It is extremely difficult & choosing "easy" only gives you more lives & continues, but does not actually make it any easier. The use of both DS screens caused playability problems as well & the color of enemy bullets blended too easily into the background. For determined gamers only!
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