About Game Access
Launched in 2005 by two young Montreal entrepreneurs/gamers, Game Access has since become Canada's largest and most respected online video game rental service. It's a simple formula really: Carry an amazing selection of games and offer industry-leading customer service along with the nation's lowest prices. Simple. Really! We're gamers ourselves so we know the plight of the modern-day video gamer! For years we've spent crazy cash on games which mostly ended up collecting dust on our shelves, or we've tried buying games from our local big-box department store which carried an anemic selection of titles at best, charged us unnecessarily high prices, and forced us into a "no return once opened" policy.

Seriously, we're not in 2002 anymore!

For the price of only one newly released video game in Canada, you'd get the equivalent of thirty-three video game rentals and four months of membership with Game Access! Here's the kicker...

Not only can you rent games without leaving the comfort of your home, you'll also always have the choice to own any game you rent at a massively discounted price which keeps on getting cheaper every day you're a member of Game Access! So, unlimited gaming goodness, seriously affordable monthly memberships, no commitments or late fees, drastically reduced prices on the video games you love, continuous member rewards, giveaways, free gaming merchandise, and contests. What's not to love about Game Access?

What started as a simple idea years ago has grown into a community of like-minded digital adventurers who have welcomed this new era of 64bit HD gaming into our collective living rooms nation-wide. Game Access is more than just a website; it's a principle; a culture; a service made for gamers by gamers!

Checkout our official social-media pages and get to know the fine folks who work at your favorite national video game store!