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Louer Need For Speed: Rivals

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Location de jeux illimitée pour
9,95$/mois. Livraison gratuite!
Prix de détail (CAD) : 59.99$
Notre prix : 39.72$
Catégorie : Conduite/Course
Date de Sortie : 19-Novembre-2013
Éditeur : Electronic Arts
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  Cote des membres : 6/10
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Welcome to Redview County, where a street-racing rivalry between cops and racers never stops as both sides compete in an all-out war featuring the fastest cars, mods and technology in a stunning open-world environment. Play as either a cop or racer, where each side of the law has its own set of high stakes challenges, rewards and consequences. Risk everything in the ultimate high stakes rivalry. Features: High-Stakes Rivalry - Racers are lone wolves out for their own glory; driving agile cars built for high speed racing and epic chases. Cops work in teams to hunt down and bust racers using the full power of the police force. Switch roles at any time and watch the stakes grow in an all-new scoring system that lets you put your speed points on the line to earn even greater rewards. AllDrive - New in Need for Speed Rivals, AllDrive destroys the line between single player and multiplayer gameplay. Seamlessly join a world where your friends are already racing and chasing. No lobbies. No waiting. Paths will cross as races and pursuits collide, creating a world where no two moments or events will ever be the same. Your Car, Your Identity - Power up your car with the latest performance upgrades and technology, and personalize your car with fresh paintjobs, liveries, custom license plates, rims, and decals to show off your style to your friends and rivals. Save different configurations and keep a variety of car packages available to leave your mark no matter the situation. Pursuit and Evasion Tech - Intense racing moments are made even more thrilling with access to technology and upgrades customized to each side of the law. Racers can choose evasion technology from jammers to electromagnetic pulses. Cops are outfitted for aggressive busts with shockwaves, roadblocks, helicopter support and more. No matter the side you choose, use tech to keep you one step ahead of your rivals.
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  Lacking 6/10
Écrit par Iveyboi le 12-Fév-2014
1/1 membre a trouvé cettre critique utile.
  The graphics are excellent for a launch title. The cars control fluidly. However there literally is no point to the game. To progress you complete random challenges (time trials, races, cop evasion) and move onto the next set. I was hoping for a game blended Most Wanted with Burnout (story and connectivity). Very disappointing but worth a rent for eye candy.
  Crap 3/10
Écrit par Hungryman00 le 08-Mars-2014
  THE WORST NFS I have ever played. I was hoping for something like hot pursuit... not even close... looks pretty... everything else sucks
  Good but not great 7/10
Écrit par Canuck! le 26-Fév-2014
  The graphics are decent, though not quite the next-gen wow factor I was hoping for. The racing is solid. But it's incredibly annoying how the cops are constantly chasing you, even when you are just roaming around. I also don't like that you can't pause the game during a race.
  Rivals 8/10
Écrit par Syrius78 le 07-Jan-2014
  Great game. Graphic are ok, for next gen, i was hoping for way more. Sound is great, control too. The "story" is okay. Overall the game is fast and fun.
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