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great game
Posted by Toldren on 25-Jan-2012
4 /5 users found this review helpful.
Best game of the series in my opinion. Overall map size was a little constrained to sandbox but they made up for it with fun new features and mini games. New homies were top-notch and dialog very funny. most out- landish gameplay
Posted by Atomic Zombie on 19-Dec-2011
3 /3 users found this review helpful.
Graphics are great and less cartoon feeling than the other titles Action right from the start - crazy missions and lots of customizing , from yourself - your gang - the vehicles etc .. just like the Saints Row 2 but on crack. I enjoyed the somewhat story line from the original and the 2nd , but that's right out the window with this title Its still a Great game and worth the time to play it ..Just no real plot -- But ifs its guns and explosion your after you will be very happy with it wow
Posted by the m man789 on 03-Jun-2012
1 /1 users found this review helpful.
recommended for everyone.this game has more fun and more options in it the gta. you have a lot more to do in the city and can have fun longer. lots of customization with characters and vehicles, which on its own is a game it self. Extended reality!
Posted by Heidicus on 22-May-2012
1 /1 users found this review helpful.
The only reason I don't give this game a perfect 10 is because the storyline was a bit too short for my liking :( but it was great while it lasted. Loved the writing, super hilarious, and the way that the changes slightly based on which voice you choose for the Boss' voice. The optional ending choices on various missions force you to play the game more than once, which is great. I highly reccomend playing any/all available DLC missions for this game, especially 'The Trouble with Clones'! amazing game!
Posted by GamerCritic on 22-Apr-2012
1 /1 users found this review helpful.
Im goin 9 out of 10 on this this totally came out of a free roaming game into customizing practicly everything, really funny dialog, and great graphics ! 9 /10 GTA with more Violence
Posted by Goldenraccoon on 12-Jul-2013
0 /0 users found this review helpful.
although the characters and story seemed a bit cartoony at times. The game itself was a Great Open Sandbox of violence and crimes that pay. I don't recommend it for children. But if you need to get it out of your "system" this title is Explosive like the grenades. One Word: Ridiculous
Posted by Sacred on 08-Feb-2013
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Saints Row the Third did exactly what it set out to do... and that was to a very fun exciting game, it isn't very true to its "gang-banger" predecessors but it lives up to the hype of being wacky and unpredictable. A few negatives about this game would be its difficulty (or lack of), replay-ability and a few story missions which were just activities given to you by main characters... but if you want a game where you have a button exclusively to hit someone in the nuts get this game :) funny
Posted by Digichikmon on 26-Mar-2012
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I like the game because is not realistic at all and it a good way to release some steam.

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