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Playstation 3  - Buy Test Drive Unlimited 2
A disappointing "beta"
Posted by Bruce on 18-Apr-2011
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Things I like in TDU2: 1. Many nice cars and SUV which are not available in other games 2. Large/Huge map 3. Online races and mini games (take photo of a scene and find car wrecks) 4. Buy houses and decorate them Things I don't like: 1. Server is down most the time (this kills most of the fun) 2. Very little selections in each class 3. Nothing new/eye-poping compare to TDU1 Overall: very dissappointed. feels like a "Beta" b/c all the issues. TEST DRIVE?WHAT HAPPENED?...
Posted by UND3AD on 16-Mar-2011
1 /1 users found this review helpful.
...IT CRASHED THATS WHAT!! All i can say is DONT test drive this one. its got more bugs than a newyork slumlord apart.Test drive unlimited 1 was a great game. 2 on the other hand was a GREAT conclusion DONT waste your time!

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