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Wii Motion Plus

Posted by darkfox001 on 09-Sep-2009
3 /3 users found this review helpful.
Just an FYI, the game doesn't support the Wii Motion Plus add-on so much as REQUIRES it. Otherwise, the game is a blast. you need motion plus

Posted by Porkchop on 23-Nov-2009
0 /0 users found this review helpful.
Its a fun game but you NEED the motion plus to play and it dosn't come with it. Awesome game

Posted by Tehmac on 29-Jul-2009
2 /4 users found this review helpful.
This game is a lot of fun. Bowling was better than the first one. Table tennis is a lot more chalenging and more fun than tennis from the original. Sword fighting was amazing. This is what the Wii should have been from the beginning. Great game, every Wii owner should have this game.

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