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Playstation 3 - The Amazing Spider-Man
  A cheap sandbox Batman attempt 6/10
Posted by Iveyboi on 08-Aug-2012
3 /4 users found this review helpful.
  Spiderman in this title screams to be taken as serious as Batman: Arkham City. The flow combat, open world had the potential to be a great title. However we have a rushed, non-polished title. There is a great amount of content, but like other sandbox titles only completionists will feel compelled to complete them all. Rental at best
  A failed attempt at a sandbox game. 5/10
Posted by Ramza686 on 04-Sep-2013
1 /1 users found this review helpful.
  For me, the best parts of Spider-man titles are being able to web-swing around the map and use your web-based abilities to fight crime. Unfortunately, the web-swinging is really badly done, and the camera is so close to Spider-man that the constant jerky movement can make you sick. Really not worth the time or effort.
  *Free Roamers Only* 6/10
Posted by rictus64 on 01-Feb-2013
1 /2 users found this review helpful.
  The Amazing Spider-Man is not a bad game. Would they have polished it longer than they have, it would actually have been a fun game. Problem is: you feel like you are eating poorly flavoured tofu all along. Everything looks the same, bosses, quests, even the tweets they tried to add (not to mention the way over the top collectibles). Only positive point: free roam. It actually is very nice to shoot webs through NYC once again. Verdict, rent only if die-hard fans.
  does watever a spider can 10/10
Posted by KILLAGUNZ- on 08-May-2013
0 /1 users found this review helpful.
  the graphics are awesome very good game 10 out of 10
  Un bon jeu pour passé le temps 7/10
Posted by ThePrescription on 27-Sep-2012
0 /2 users found this review helpful.
  J'y ai jouer pendant 3 soirs environ ! Les 3 soirs on passé vite.. Le jeu est pas si pire même si je suis un peu tanné du style de COMBAT TOUT ET PETE TOUT ! mais.. l'ambiance est bonne c'est plaisant de se promener dans la ville de new york...dans les airs.

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