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Xbox 360 - Tomb Raider
  It IS as good as they say! 9/10
Posted by Spacedave2000 on 16-Apr-2013
4 /4 users found this review helpful.
  I have to admit this game story, graphics and gameplay was EXCELLENT. It really was as good as reviews are making it out and well worth a rental/buy! I almost ALMOST finished it 100%!!
  AWESOME 9/10
Posted by Theodor on 29-Jun-2013
2 /2 users found this review helpful.
  This game was simply amazing, its been some time since i played a good game that surprises you at every turn. And just when you thought its gonna be boring or repetitive, BAM you get new awesome gear.
  Single Player WORTH IT...Mulitplayer D-E-A-D!!! 9/10
Posted by GoonHiredGoon on 29-Aug-2013
0 /0 users found this review helpful.
  Just for the Game Play Alone...EXCELLENT! Upgrades Make the Player Feel POWERFUL and Scrambling About in Fights is a Blast. Multiplayer However was Nothing But EMPTY LOBBIES!!! Hoping For A Sequel!
  TOmb Raider x360 6/10
Posted by PureFrost on 19-Aug-2013
0 /0 users found this review helpful.
  Great story, easy single player achievements, but multiplayer is dead so unless you have friends to play with don't expect much from it
  A Welcome Return of a Classic Heroine 7/10
Posted by uppyb0t on 02-Nov-2013
0 /1 users found this review helpful.
  I played the earlier games and they were always good for adventure and puzzle solving. This one was well done and has some great puzzles. It's open world and you can explore the maps and hunt wildlife as you go. The weapons are pretty cool and easy to use. Lara gets fairly banged up in this one and a quick slip can lead to a gruesome death. It would have been nice if some of the tombs were a little more in-depth. They can be solved relatively quickly and leave you wanting more. Worth a play.

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