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Xbox 360 - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist
  Stealth action, redifined again! 8/10
Posted by Clodhopper82 on 03-Mar-2014
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  Single player review - Graphics and sound are phenomenal, beautiful sights, lots of ambiance, really sucks you in. Although, without Mr. Ironside, I wish they just developed another character. It feels like its back to more stealth than action, and I love it, though there are some first person segments that take away from the sneaky feeling, but only by a little. Upgrading things is always fun, and the game doesn't punish you, upgrade wise. Be aggressive.
  It's good for the rent, good kills, boring story 7/10
Posted by DrewAndrew on 30-Oct-2013
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  Graphics are decent, gameplay is kinda like Splinter Cell meets Hitman, but these terrorist stories all seem the same. Worth the rent though.

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