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Xbox 360 - Dead Space 3
  Solid game, but not as creepy as 2 7/10
Posted by NonCorporealEntity on 26-Feb-2013
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  I love Dead Space 1 and 2. They are creepy, intense, and tough. This game plays off more like an action shooter though. The creeps are few and far between, puzzles are non existent, and boss fights are a little over the top. I give it a 7 because although it plays perfectly, it still felt kinda generic. Recommend playing it, I just wouldn't hype it up for anyone. I imagine this would be way more fun playing co-op, but you'll need to buy an online pass since it's an EA game.
  Good For A Coop Play, Yet Bland 6/10
Posted by uppyb0t on 15-Jan-2014
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  This game is loyal to the series, but doesn't quite grip you like its predecessors. The weapon customization was a neat feature, but it felt a bit limited and at times barely needed. Coop was fun, but did take away from the fear by having someone with you. Both characters have their own moments in the game and you will have to play both characters to see all aspects, which is unique. It does get repetitive and predictable and the controls suffer a bit in areas.
  Dead Space in my wallet now..I was a fan 6/10
Posted by DrewAndrew on 24-Jun-2013
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  I now am no longer hooked on the Dead Space franchise. One main reason is due to the "Go to Xbox Store" constantly popping up. So you have to pay at least an extra $50 for all the extra upgrades for weapons and stuff. LAME! I'm happy I didn't buy this for $59.99 just to spend another $50. You can still get though the game without purchasing the extras(that were free in the 1st & 2nd) but you just won't get to use all the upgrades and weapons.
  Scary awesome. 9/10
Posted by player 11337 on 20-Jun-2013
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  It was scary. It was gross. You could modify your guns which was -awesome-. Some good side quests. A lot of interesting difficulties, but very little that would actually let you carry over things you wanted to in new game+. Spooky story, but good. Ends meaningfully. Starts properly. The end-boss was a pushover. Classic dead space.
  What a disapointment 3/10
Posted by koquerelle on 20-May-2013
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  I was a big fan of the series, but the horrible checkpoint system in Dead Space 3 just makes it impossible for me to like this game. If you go on a side mission, you won't have a real checkpoint. The game will save your inventory, but you will go back to a normal mission checkpoint the next time you load the game. Absolutely horrible system.
  Weapon Crafting? 7/10
Posted by KyleBSure on 04-Apr-2013
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  Yeah, thanks for nothing EA. Oh, wait... EA is more than happy to sell you the weapons you've come to know and love in this franchise for just a few extra dollars. What an evil cheat! I enjoyed the first two Dead Space games a great deal. I'd recommend you go back and play them. This is by no means a terrible game, but with a lame story and all the DLC wallet digs I can't see myself wasting anymore time on this one. Shameful end to an almost great franchise. Shame on you EA.
  Dead Space 3 ...AMAZING 9/10
Posted by C_MAC on 23-Mar-2013
0 /2 users found this review helpful.
  Could not think of a better way to put all that the fans of this game wanted in the third installment! AWESOME!

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