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Xbox 360 - Far Cry 3
  Realistic Perfection 10/10
Posted by fuzzywuszy on 14-Feb-2013
3 /3 users found this review helpful.
  This game was unbelievable in its perfection of the island and its attention to detail,The online wasn't to fantastic(had a ranking cap so couldn't try everything) but the campaign exceeded any expectations.If you want a great campaign an awesome 1st person shooter give this game a rent you will not be disappointed!
  One of the best open worlds. 9/10
Posted by Ramza686 on 17-Sep-2013
2 /2 users found this review helpful.
  The organic nature of the open world of Far Cry 3 is what won me over. The island simply feels alive, from the animals, weather, people and activities to accomplish, it's a terrific experience. The story is also a great time, but the world is really the draw here.
  It's lush. I get it. 7/10
Posted by Yerrrk on 01-Aug-2013
0 /3 users found this review helpful.
  This is a triple A release. You know why it's good. Here's where it's less than 10: Samey environments, samey baddies. I just want so much more for us gamers, you know? I'm an adult now. I get like three hours a week tops for gaming. I deserve better than "pretty good". Blow me away, right? Knock my socks off. You've got a multimillion dollar budget and I'm putting the controller down early on Get-Out-of-the-House-iI's-Daddy-Gaming-Day? In the immortal words of Lemongrab, "UUNNNNNAAAACCEPTABLE!"

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