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Playstation 3 - Saints Row IV
  Jumping the (purple) shark 7/10
Posted by swarly on 03-Nov-2013
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  This is a really fun game although I do feel it's starting to slip. In my opinion it't not nearly as good as #2 and espically #3. The graphics are poor espically compared to GTA 5. The game is just a bit too ridiculous for my taste but overall it is a fun experience.
  Disappointing 4/10
Posted by Jado on 24-Nov-2013
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  I was so exited to get this game because I played Saints Row the thirds nd it was one of the best games I have played! This game is so disappointing I figured out that this game is a copy paste from the third they were planning to initially put this game as an expansion pack similar to matrix but THQ got shut down and volition wanted to make money off of it so they made it a game. Picture Saints Row the third with matrix or assasin's creed and infamous powers...
  All fun. All the time. 10/10
Posted by Number7even on 30-Sep-2013
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  Don't confuse this game for a GTA clone because this couldn't be further from the truth. Saints Row 4 is an amazing sandbox game from start to finish. Fluid combat, tight controls, great humor, and tons to do. Don't even question it, play this game!

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