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PS4 - Battlefield 4
  great multiplayer 7/10
Posted by The1ITGuy on 15-Aug-2014
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  Only played online
  Bf4 5/10
Posted by Syrius78 on 16-Jun-2014
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  Not a good game. Level design are boring. Few bug in the story. No intensity in this game. It's more of a lone wolf type of game. I was hoping for something more epic. For multiplayer, it's nicely done
  Decided to buy it. 8/10
Posted by lay.z.boy on 28-Jan-2014
1 /2 users found this review helpful.
  This game is fantastic. I have put a ton of hours into this. Great graphics. Single player is easily forgotten once you dive into multiplayer, where this game truly shines. Addicting. Ended up buying this game after renting it. Launch glitches (majority are now fixed) are where this title lost points.
  Excellent! 9/10
Posted by B__DON on 21-Mar-2014
0 /1 users found this review helpful.
  Le jeu est très superbe! Les graphiques pour ce jeu sont très belle, et l'histoire est plein d'action aussi! Le Multi-Jouer est très mieux alors "Battlefield 3", avec la taille des cartes et la variété . Quand vous jouez le multi-joueur vous allez oublier la campagne parce qu'il y a plus d'action en Multi-jouer. Vous pouvez avoir 64 joueurs pour chaque carte, et vous pouvez utiliser beaucoup d'appareils et de véhicules. Ce jeu est très amusant et plein d'action tout le temps!
  Welcome to the next gen 8/10
Posted by swarly on 23-Nov-2013
2 /5 users found this review helpful.
  This game is beautiful. The single player is kinda dumb but its fun and also fun to look at. The online is iffy but I think there is patched on there way for that. Well worth a look.

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