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Xbox 360 - Borderlands 2
  Not as immersive as it's predecessor. 7/10
Posted by oldirtyDZA on 26-Oct-2012
3 /4 users found this review helpful.
  Borderlands 2 stays true to it's roots from the first game, but fails to hook me as a player the way the first game did. It was not until the second-half of the game that I began to feel that I was doing "quests" for a major purpose. The first half of the game is highly repetitive and will have you revisiting the exact same caves and outdoor areas at least 10 times each for multiple "quests" that do not tie together at all. The main protagonist is also very cliche.
  Better than the first. 9/10
Posted by Ramza686 on 17-Sep-2013
0 /0 users found this review helpful.
  Borderlands 2 is what a sequel should be: an improvement on the original in every possible way. My biggest complaint with the first was the lack of story, which BL2 corrects in a big way. I absolutely loved the story and the writer deserves credit as it is what kept me playing. Otherwise, it's a really great FPS/RPG.
  What's the big deal? 6/10
Posted by Yerrrk on 01-Aug-2013
0 /0 users found this review helpful.
  Do you ever get that feeling when you're playing a video game that you're really doing nothing but tapping a bunch of buttons? I'm being vague because 500 characters isn't enough to describe how utterly bored I was. It fel purposeless. It felt like all I ever did was compare twp weaponss stats. Over and over and over. And when the game forced me to tread yet again through Hilariously Named Gully, the incredibly boring, second-verse-same-as-the-first baddies re-freaking-populated.
  Like the first game but better in every way 10/10
Posted by Starforsaken on 15-Oct-2012
1 /2 users found this review helpful.
  If you've played and loved the first game, you're probably already playing this sequel. If you missed the first title, get Borderlands 2 now if you're interested in the best FPS/RPG hybrid ever made! You don't need to have played #1 to enjoy this, and I'd highly recommend purchasing it as the replay value is insane and there are already 4 big DLCs planned.
  GREAT GAME!!!!!!! 10/10
Posted by Heydrich 88 on 22-Oct-2012
0 /1 users found this review helpful.
  great game I didnt get the time to finish it because I really wanted to try dishonoured. Well deff be re-renting game to finish it.

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