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Rent Fairytale Fights

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Category: Action / Adventure
Release Date: 27-October-2009
Publisher: Playlogic
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  Average member rating: 2/10
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Explore the darker side of your favorite fairytale characters in this Hack'N'Slash gore-fest platform adventure! Fairytale Fights is a truly twisted hack'n'slash platform adventure where players assume the role of a much-loved fairytale character (Little Red Riding Hood, Jack & The Beanstalk, The Naked King or Snow White), whose glory days have long since passed. While embarking on a seemingly innocent journey to save a colorful fantasy world from certain disaster, players traverse a series of colourful and enthralling levels filled to the brim with action-packed combat and fairytale-style storylines. Luckily, many different weapons lay strewn throughout the fairytale kingdom, which players can use to slice and dice their way through swathes of cute fluffy bunnies and imposing enemies.
Local Multiplayer: 4
Local Co-op: 4
Local Network: None
Online Multiplayer: 4
Online Co-op: 4
Supported Accessory: None
A/V Support:
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The Club
  Could have been an xbla title 4/10
Posted by Dr.Dutch on 25-May-2010
  Enjoyable if played with friends, deff not worth full price. IMO this should have been an arcade title.
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