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Category: Shooter
Release Date: 13-November-2006
Publisher: Activision
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  Average member rating: 7/10
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In Call of Duty 3, get closer than ever to the fury of combat as an Allied soldier in World War II's most harrowing military operation, the Normandy Breakout Campaign. Melee combat and destructible cover bring you face-to-face with German forces. Multiple attack routes mean you decide whether to flank your enemy or hit him head on. Varied terrain, next-gen graphics and sound, and a dramatic story deliver Call of Duty's signature cinematic intensity.
Local Multiplayer: 4
Local Co-op: None
Local Network: 16
Online Multiplayer: 24
Online Co-op: 2
Supported Accessory: None
Other Features: Voice Support.
A/V Support:
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  Simply amazing 10/10
Posted by Dogofwars on 24-Oct-2007
2/2 users found this review helpful.
  This game ROCK!!! I tried it with the regular controller and it's really difficult to handle. I have a FragFX and it's way better to play the game though you will still need the regular controller. All in all it's really good, resolution is in 720P.
  COD3 3/10
Posted by Syrius78 on 27-Aug-2012
  Ordinary game. Control are not good, sound is ok, few bug that prevent me from finishing the game.
  Boring 1/10
Posted by iapathy1 on 22-Aug-2012
  I've been a long time fan of the COD franchise, and I know that as a console matures, the content for it grows better (as developers figure out how to tap into the full potential, etc.) I'm confident this was an early release for PS3 but I just found it boring and gave up after 10-15 minutes.
GameSpot 8.2/10 Read the full review
Gaming Target 7.9/10 Read the full review
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