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Nintendo Wii -

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Category: Shooter
Release Date: 18-November-2006
Publisher: Ubisoft
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  Average member rating: 5/10
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Red Steel is an exclusive Wii launch title that takes full advantage of the console's innovative controller and puts players directly into the action-packed first-person experience with the weapon in their hand - literally. An engaging storyline unfolds as you learn that your fiancee has been kidnapped and her father - a Japanese mafia kingpin - murdered by a rival gang. The only way to save your loved one and defend your honor is to journey from Los Angeles to Japan and confront the Tokyo underworld. By learning the ancient art of Japanese fighting with your katana and the focused precision of modern firearms, you will progress and adapt yourself to this foreign environment, where skills alone may not guarantee you victory.
Local Multiplayer: 4
Local Co-op: None
Local Network: None
Online Multiplayer: None
Online Co-op: None
Supported Accessory: None
Other Features: Nunchuk Controller.
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  Could have been better 4/10
Posted by J-Diddy on 13-Aug-2007
4/5 users found this review helpful.
  I really like the idea of this game... but there were shortcomings... the sound was above average for the Wii... but the graphics left something to be desired.. this may be because I am using a HI Def TV.... Last but not least... the controls... they seemed a bit jumpy... it would turn me the other way if i pointed the wii mote too far off screen... but none the less i have seen better... this game is ok.. .if you have rented all of your most wanted... but not a first choice... Trust m
  RedSteel, un jeu moyen mais acceptable. 6/10
Posted by PierreJo on 19-Feb-2012
  Ce jeu est sorti dans les tous début de la Wii donc sa prise en main se fait plus difficilement. Comme c'est le premier FPS conçu pour cette console, les défauts techniques sont compréhensible surtout que le titre a été conçu en très peu de temps. Graphiquement, ce jeu a des hauts et des bas; certaines textures sont exceptionnelle surtout pour les capacités de la console tandis que d'autres sont vraiment horrible. Un jeu moyen mais bon pour louer.
  control system sucks 2/10
Posted by Eklera on 23-Jan-2011
  I was looking forward to playing this game and it was one of the reasons I bought the Wii console. However, the control system was very frustrating and difficult to use. I'm an impatient person when it comes to certain things, and games that are difficult to play just aren't any fun at all. The concept was good though. Maybe the installment in the series will be better.
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Yahoo! Video Games 4.0/10 Read the full review
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