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Rent Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

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Category: RPG (Role Playing)
Release Date: 29-April-2009
Publisher: Atlus
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  Average member rating: 5/10
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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier is a unique sci-fi/fantasy RPG that takes players across a variety of worlds, ranging from an apocalyptic wasteland covered with the hulks of downed spaceships to a fantastical place of fairy tales and dark magic. Join Haken Browning: gunslinger, professional bounty hunter, and amateur ladies' man, along with his motley crew of robots, were-beasts, secret agents, and busty princesses as they delve deep into the mysteries of how their worlds came to be and face a threat that imperils the multiverse.
Local Multiplayer: None
Local Co-op: None
Local Network: None
Online Multiplayer: None
Online Co-op: None
Supported Accessory: None
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  Not bad, but not enough to keep me interseted. 5/10
Posted by GeoMaggs on 18-Nov-2009
  Not bad, just not a lot of time in between major boss fights, and not enough variety to help with the grinding. I really didn't like the look of KOS-MOS, and the entire game seemed to be centralized around the bouncing assets of female characters.
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