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Mega Man ZX

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A new series of adventures in the Mega Man franchise, Mega Man ZX features two playable characters -- a male name Van and a female named Eile -- who can expand their Hunter armor from normal to X mode and Z mode by collecting "Live Metal" as well as call upon special powers.
Well... it's Mega Man.
TheJoe on 02-Feb-2009
The game play is still very old-school Mega Man at its core, including the part about being hard. Still, a very good renter. Who would like it: Platformer fans. Anyone who can handle the difficulty curve. Who would not like it: Anyone who does not like old-school hard difficulty curves.
GameSpy 9.0/10 Read the full review IGN 8.2/10 Read the full review Modojo 8.0/10 Read the full review GameSpot 7.7/10 Read the full review 1UP 7.5/10 Read the full review
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